Lake Sonoma Pig and Deer Hunting

Pig Hunting

Pig hunting season will begin in November.  Please check back for official dates.   Hunting is limited to specific areas of the park and is self-guided.  Only archery and crossbow hunting is allowed. Special credentials are needed to hunt pigs at Lake Sonoma.  Hunters with a valid California hunting license and pig tags can purchase credentials at the following locations:

Lake Sonoma Marina (open daily 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Turra's Backroom Archery Shop, 3260 Santa Rosa Avenue, Santa Rosa

West Coast Archery Shop, 2040 Petaluma Blvd. North, Petaluma

West Coast Archery Shop, 420 Gateway Plaza, Dixon


The permit fee is $35.  A valid drivers license, hunting license and pig tag must be provided at the time of purchase. Permits are available now.  

Please note that check-in and harvest reporting will be done via email and text this hunting season.  If you do not have the capability to email or text, you CANNOT hunt.

Certain areas of the recreational area will be off limits this season because of the Walbridge Fire, which burned part of Lake Sonoma last year. Complete details on access and hunting rules will be provided with the orientation materials once hunters register for their hunting pass.

If you are planning to camp at Lake Sonoma while hunting, please make your reservations in advance through the National Recreation Reservation Service at or by calling 1-877-444-6777.  Please note that the current drought has resulted in closure of several campgrounds.

Guided Pig Hunts

Jayson Collard, avid hunter and the director of the Friends of Lake Sonoma hunting program, will once again offer guided pig hunts for the 2022-2023 season. Cost for the a guided pig hunt is $350.  Reservations should be made with Jayson via email at


Guided Deer Hunting

Deer hunting is allowed at Lake Sonoma on a limited basis to help control the deer population. Each year, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife conducts a survey of the of the herd at Lake Sonoma to determine the maximum number of bucks that can be taken.  Areas of the park that have been closed for decades are now open only for deer hunting.

The season begins each year in mid-July and runs through mid-September.

Deer hunting is by archery or crossbow only and is semi-guided by Jayson Collard, a volunteer and member of the Friends of Lake Sonoma Board of Directors. 

Hunters must have a California A-zone deer tag and a pig tag.

Deer hunts are $850 for one day and $1,400 for two days.  Each hunter is allowed to take a pig as well as a deer.  

NOTE:  Deer hunts sell out quickly.   All 2022 slots have been sold.  If you would like to reserve a hunt for 2023, please contact Jayson Collard via email at 


Hunting Fees

All fees associated with the pig and deer hunts are donated to the Friends of Lake Sonoma for park maintenance and programs.  We greatly appreciate your support!

Board of Directors

Skip Brand, chairman

Rick Herbert, vice chairman

Joe Brandt,  treasurer

Nikki Baxes, secretary


Directors: Dora Azevedo, Nikki Baxes, Harry Bosworth, Jayson Collard, Donna Meier, Brad Sherwood, Marshall Turbeville, Kasey Wade, Jim Wilmes and Burrell Wyle.


Directors Emeritus:  Gordon Amrein, Linda Clapp, Paul Finn, Dave Harmeson, Tony Pettis, Phil Pinto, Arnold Santucci, Ken Screechfield, Richard Thomas

Tax Status

The Friends of Lake Sonoma is recognized as a non-profit cooperative association under section 501 (c) 3 of the United State Internal Revenue Service tax code.  Our tax identification number is 94-2260679.  We operate on a fiscal year from January 1 to December 31.  Monetary and in-kind donations to the Friends of Lake Sonoma are considered to be tax deductible, unless limited by law.


The Friends of Lake Sonoma relies on strong partnerships with key govenmental agencies and businesses, including:

United States Army Corps of Engineers, San Francisco District

Sonoma Water

California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Sonoma County Tourism

Back Country Horsemen of California -- North Bay Chapter

Sonoma County Bowmen

United Flyers of Sonoma County

Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley




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